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GET SUCCESSORIED! Learn how to Empower Yourself  and Others with the NEW tools for FEMALE success. 

While taking yourself to a whole new level of success, consider empowering OTHERS with what you learn and create a fulfilling lifestyle for your family whilst making not just A difference but make YOUR biggest difference by leaving the wonderful legacy of transforming the world through the women!

Expand Your Beautiful Female Mind Beyond Previous Limitations! 

Learn NEW Female Minded Tools (Successories) and Strategies for 'Top of Your Game' Success.

Designed by a Woman for Women! 

You don’t need a blueprint for success, you need a PINKprint!

Time Management, Balance, Improved relationships are just some of what you will learn!

Our feminine hardware (the way we women are innately designed) has been running male software for too long that’s why we are 50% more likely to burn out in the workplace.


5 Hours of Transformation, Education, Empowerment and Opportunity like no other!

This NEW Self Development for Women is Revolutionary and Exclusive to the Institute of Women International.

THIS IS NOT just an introductory event, it's 5 hours of unique (Scientifically Proven) content and ACTUAL Mind Releasing exercises. A liberating experience LIKE NO OTHER!

Let’s face it ladies, if we actually applied all we know from the books, seminars and courses we've attended, we would already be super successful and be in control our lives.

Allow Maz to share her secrets that took her from a check out chick who dropped out of high school at 14 yrs old with no self esteem or confidence to leading women to $30 Million Dollars in Sales during the GFC with no prior leadership training. From someone who has and IS walking the talk AGAIN. Her Success is no fluke, she's doing it again with IOWI her 3rd hugely profitable yet soul-fulfilling mission/business.

Have you read self-development books and been to countless seminars and retreats, yet you still feel there is something holding you back from being successful and living the life you dream of?

Are you a leader and want to know how to lead not just a winning team but a culturally magical team who work together as one? 

Do you see your past affecting your present and find it hard to move forward?

Reclaim your power! Be a woman who lives her life by design not by default.  

Learn how to improve all areas of your life at once, after all, for women they are all inter-related AND its easier than we've been led to believe.

Do you thrive on seeing others succeed and happy when you have helped them or given them good advice?

Do you want to become empowered in every area of your life
AND help other women around you?

You don’t need more of the same, you need the real reason, the truth behind the female mind and success, delivered by someone who actually overcame major obstacles (from no confidence, abuse, fear, anxiety, no self esteem) and yet DID IT anyway.  

Did you know you inherited a predisposition to what your ancestors in your family line likely stressed about? This is SCIENCE called Epigenetics! Its proof that you are way more than your genes though and can change by breaking the cycle when you know how. This is the biggest hope in science IN HISTORY! Let us explain why this is especially relevant to WOMEN of influence, that's YOU!!!

This is an Event Not to be Missed!


Wednesdat - 20 Aug 2014
1 Day Seminar for Women- ReVOLUTIONARY SUCCESS™

Learn and participate in Life-Changing exercises that can:

Bring an emotional upset that will go from 7/10 to zero in just seconds. These are priceless empowerment tools that you can teach your children and can stop a whole lifetime of needless suffering.

We'll show you why you are where you are in life and what it takes to create your dream life.

Here's what Sonia had to say after working with Maz, your Speaker:
"I have started making positive decisions for ME and MY future. I now for the first time in my life put myself first and am feeling happy and energetic about my future. I only wish I had heard about Maz years ago"
Sonia Cara, Melbourne (Vic)

By participating, YOU will gain:

Learn how to gain a strong sense of being IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE

An IN DEPTH knowledge and understanding of how to

The KNOWING of how to Harness and Tap into Your
Innate Power to DESIGN and LIVE YOUR BEST

Here's what Kirsty had to say:
"I recommend ALL WOMEN should know this stuff, it's simple and yet so amazing and can make your life much better than you think. I am a new woman and can promise you will be glad you invested in the time to attend one of Maz's events."
Kirsty Edwards, Casino (NSW)
Life Without Limitation - Institute of Women

It's truly going to break new ground for women who want success. A NEW PARADIGM not previously full uncovered and WITH A SOLUTION for all the blockages, barriers, walls and curve balls and the unique female issues that sabotage the majority of women who are striving for success. This is way more than just how you can be a success, this is HOW you can GET TO THE TOP OF YOUR GAME without sacrifice, actually, it will feel effortless when you really wrap your head around this and fully get it! You are woman, lets hear you roar and achieve your dreams!!!

We would like to personally Invite you to spend the day with Maz at her Half Day LEADERSHIP BluePINK PRINT(tm)- The NEW ReVOLUTION of Female Empowerment

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This NEW 'Female Style' of Personal Development for Women is Revolutionary and Exclusive to the Institute of Women International.

Marylin Schirmer has discovered and unwound the ACTUAL unique way women operate at both an unconscious and conscious level so that they can move forward with success; free of fears and 'hang-ups'. And it's not what we are mostly taught.

This UNIQUE way that ONLY WOMEN process information, hormones, emotion, perception and reality determines whether they (either intentionally or unintentionally) are creating success or sabotage in any area of their life, and how to be in control of her own outcomes.

No more having to feel like a failure when the only problem has been women using 'male-minded' strategies that were adopted from mainstream success models. Yes, even the most well-intentioned Guru's and the very best of them have not considered this difference when it comes to success, achievement and all of the 'how-to's' in life, let alone the undoing of female issues they don't face such as a woman's emotional problems.

All the logic (as most goal setting practices are) on the planet will not help a woman reach a goal who deep in her core doesn’t believe she deserves it or ‘should’ have it, regardless of ‘reason’, plan or practical advice. Fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of not being loved, FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!. The last thing we need is more pressure like goals to trigger our fears and lead to other things like over-eating and all manner of stress and low self-esteem issues. Did we say ANXIETY??? We won't even get started on that one, or GUILT! We will say that guilt is predominantly a female emotion, that's why it's not considered in success self development, because male minds created most of what currently exists or is being taught, even if taught by a woman, she was trained by men or they were....

Let’s face it ladies, if we actually applied all we know from the books, seminars and courses we’ve attended, we would already be super successful.

If you want to be successful in any area of your life you have to attend the Institute of Women International LEADERSHIP Blue PinkPRINT™ Workshop Conference. This revolutionary new information is crucial and you cannot get this from anywhere else, so time is of the essence… Best of all it’s only $97 for 5 hours of hardcore learning and practical exercises. 

"Women deserve Success, it's time they knew the REAL reason why it's been so elusive."
- Marylin Schirmer

Finally you will understand YOU and not follow the path that most people are busy taking because they have been led to believe that an unconscious mind is an unconscious mind. A woman's UNconscious mind has much more to do OUTSIDE of her awareness that no one seems to have noticed before. This means it has it's natural flows and you can learn to flow along for the ride and create success, as well as life when you realise that your 'way' of 'creating' is natural and effortless. It beats goal setting hands down because this is a male minded strategy. It just adds to a women's fears and we aren't designed for it. Find your feminine flow with creation of anything from wealth to success in business and especially in Leadership.

If Maz (Marylin) could go from a single abused mother of 4, living in hiding, unemployed check out operator in a grocery store to ‘Million Dollar’ Maz, becoming a number 1 leader of women in a Fortune 500 company in over 10 countries during the 2009 GFC by NOT heeding traditional success advice then what can you achieve when you know the real secret to a woman succeeding in life...something that Maz feels compelled to share with you.

This information WILL make you realise that the fact that you are a woman is NOT a negative, it can be a great advantage, when you know how to drive your own inner ACTUAL FEMALE self. This is truly breaking new ground for women who want success without sacrifice and selling their soul to get it! In fact, feed your soul to get it.

A NEW PARADIGM not previously known and WITH A SOLUTION for women. This is way more than just how you can be a success, this is HOW you can GET TO THE TOP OF YOUR GAME without sacrifice, actually, it will feel effortless when you really wrap your head around this and fully get it! You are woman, lets hear you roar and achieve your dreams!!!

"The Ripple Effect of a Woman Transformed not only impacts her entire sphere of friends, family and colleagues; THEY will PROFOUNDLY and POSITIVELY affect THEIR circle of influence, thus producing an endless energising flow and break the cycle"
- Marylin Schirmer

Marylin is passionately committed to helping women break FREE and be empowered with the tools that keep them in control, by maintaining a healthy state of mind and achieving their previously untapped potential.

THIS IS NOT just an introductory event, it's 5 hours of unique (Scientifically Proven) content and ACTUAL Mind Releasing exercises. A liberating experience LIKE NO OTHER!





FINALLY a Solution for Women THAT REALLY WORKS! Get tools designed for that unique way our minds work.

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