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A New Life, a New Lifestyle, a New Legacy – DESIGNED BY A WOMAN, FOR WOMEN

Empowering Women

Train as a facilitator at the only life coaching institute with methods designed specifically for women.

80% of women feel they are not living life to the full.

Many feel dissatisfied with themselves, trapped within their own perceived limitations. They want to break free and achieve their goals but don’t know how. Maybe they’ve tried self-help books, courses, and seminars in the past, but nothing seems to work. 

The Institute of Women offers something different. We are a women’s life coaching training institute created by women for women. Empowerment and self-fulfilment are our passion because we know the impact a strong woman can have on the world.  We train women in our unique processes, qualifying them to heal and empower others. 

Our founder Maz (Marilyn) Schirmer’s own success story, inspired her to find the missing link that holds women back from happiness and fulfillment. Through personal experience and scientific research, we have come to understand the emotional and psychological challenges women face. Our women’s lifestyle coaching programs are tailored to the female mind. That’s what sets us apart from other life coaching programs for women.

Life Coaching For Women – Become a Facilitator

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of women? Do you have what it takes to inspire and guide others to a more fulfilling and happy life? The Institute of Women offers courses that arm you with unique proven and powerful tools and processes that will help you to liberate other women.

We use scientifically proven information to design our processes. Second to none. Using a combination of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), spiritual empowerment, and our own revolutionary new female brained process called CREATRIX® we assist women to live true to themselves.

When it comes to women’s lifestyle coaching in Australia, we’re breaking new ground. Become a part of something life changing.  Help others take their first steps towards a ‘Life Without Limitation’. Contact us for information about our courses and find out how to become a certified facilitator.

Sarah writes:
"It sounded too good to be true but it truly is as amazing as it sounds, maybe even more so... it is life changing!"

Every part of the process made me want to be involved. Maz is inspiring and has changed my life. I know how desperately I needed her and I know there are many other women out there like I was. In fact, I think ALL women need this! It doesn't matter if their heads are a royal mess like mine was or if they are simply aren't as motivated as they'd like."

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Are you ready to fall back in love with life, yourself and your potential? Isn't it time for you to ignite your passion, your determination and your drive?

We can help you do just that!

The Institute of Women is devoted to helping you become the person you were meant to be – happy, fulfilled, self-worthy, deserving, loving, loveable, successful, smart, strong and living life to your full potential!

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Meet Marilyn

Our founder, Marilyn (Maz) Schirmer didn't just create the Complete Female Pathway To Success – she's lived it.

She broke a 33 year cycle of desperation and unfulfillment and replaced it with 17 years of incredible millionairess SUCCESS by showing thousands of ordinary women how to achieve the life, lifestyle and legacy of their dreams.

You DESERVE to Feel Happy, Healthy and Whole

Institute of Women will give you the tools you need to remove the suffering, the fears, the sabotage … and whatever else stands between you and the life of your dreams.

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